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Defenders of the Motherland Demonstrate a High Level of Training

Joint Military Exercises of All Branches of the Armed Forces of the Country
The President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country, General of the Army Serdar Berdimuhamedov visited the Kelete training centre, where joint military exercises of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan took place.
In the modern era, in our country, under the leadership of the head of state, the successful implementation of a multifaceted military reform, initiated by the National Leader of the Turkmen people and aimed at increasing the combat readiness of the National Army and supplying it with advanced weapons and military equipment, continues.
Guided by the priority tasks of the Military Doctrine, which is exclusively defensive in nature and fully consistent with the peace-loving foreign policy of neutral Turkmenistan, the valiant defenders of the Motherland ensure peace and tranquillity in the country and the prosperous life of the people.
At the same time, it should be emphasised that comprehensive measures are being taken to improve the professional training of soldiers and officers, including skills in using weapons and military equipment, and clear interaction within military units.
To increase the efficiency of the activities of the security, defence and law-enforcement agencies and to resolve social issues, modern complexes for the security, defence and law-enforcement agencies and comfortable residential buildings for employees of these structures are being built, and the necessary conditions are being created for properly performing their military duty, spending their leisure time and doing various sports.
In order to practice coordinated actions of all corps military and tactical exercises, which are aimed at increasing the degree of professionalism of military personnel, the power and defensive potential of the Armed Forces, are regularly held.
...Early in the morning, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov arrived by helicopter at the Kelete training centre.
The Secretary of the State Security Council, Minister of Defence B. Gundogdiyev reported on readiness to conduct joint exercises, in which all formations of the Ground Forces, Air Defence Forces, Air Force and Naval Forces, units of the Türkmen Edermen Special Forces took part, and also teams of the Türkmen Edermen special purpose units of the security, defence and law-enforcement agencies.
After accepting the report, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the country’s Armed Forces headed to the training ground.
The National Anthem of Turkmenistan was performed. Next, an inspired patriotic song, performed by a military orchestra, sounded.
Then, by the order of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the military exercises began.
In accordance with the country’s defensive Military Doctrine, the exercises were aimed at improving the professional skills and combat training of military personnel and performing coordinated actions on land, in the air and at sea, using new advanced methods, warfare techniques and combat tactics.
During the demonstration training exercises with live firing, flights of drones in the airspace and fire attacks by troops were demonstrated live on special monitors via the digital system using the TürkmenÄlem 52оE artificial communications satellite.
The exercises were also conducted at training centres of other military formations and naval forces, which were broadcast online via the digital system.
The teams were set before with such combat training tasks as neutralising enemy sabotage groups, repelling enemy air attacks, overcoming the contaminated zone, created to contain a breakthrough without losses using chemical defence means, and crossing water barriers.
The naval vessels participating in the exercises, in accordance with naval tactics, implemented a special plan for a joint operation to counter enemy warships.
Patriotism, courage and bravery are inherent traits of the Turkmen people that have been formed over the centuries. The current generation honourably fulfils its sacred duty to the Motherland, following the primordial principles of the devotion to the Motherland, readiness to defend the country and heroism, formulated by glorious ancestors. Today, Turkmen warriors demonstrate their mastery of modern equipment and weapons and high level of theoretical and combat training.
The special role of the works of Hero-Arkadag Mert ýigitler gaýrat üçin dogulýar, Watan goragy mukaddesdir and Mertler Watany beýgeldýär in educating the younger generation of Turkmen citizens, especially defenders of the Motherland, in a military-patriotic spirit, instilling in them the noble qualities of our courageous people and increasing the feeling of love of the Motherland among young people, should be noted.
During the exercises, drones of a modern reconnaissance and strike group of the Armed Forces went on air combat patrols. After rising to a given height, they fixed the target.
To repel a group attack from the air, a team of anti-aircraft gunners opened fire and successfully completed the combat mission.

Increasing the level of the professional training of military personnel during training sessions is one of the main conditions for improving their skills, battlecraft and capabilities.
In accordance with the combat plans, the reinforced groups demonstrated a high level of proficiency in such basic fundamentals of combat training as organising defence with the help of engineering equipment, setting up a fire system and coordinating joint actions.
Air defence units opened fire from anti-aircraft systems and destroyed enemy targets in the airspace. Thus, the task of supporting combined arms units from air attacks was successfully completed.
Supplying the National Army with advanced equipment and creating the necessary conditions for effective service and life of military personnel are among the priority areas of the state policy of the President of Turkmenistan.
In military exercises, a special role is given to drones, which are among the modern military equipment. With the help of UAVs, it was planned to destroy identified targets, in particular, missile systems. By delivering a precise strike on a given target, the enemy forces were incapacitated. The high accuracy of drones, capable of long-distance flights and aerial reconnaissance, is a key feature of their combat characteristics.
In the current era, the material and technical base of the country’s Navy is being consistently strengthened by supplying them with modern technology, equipment and ships of the latest modifications and constructing ships at specialised domestic enterprises. Measures are also being taken to help improve the combat and theoretical training of military sailors.
During the demonstration tactical exercises, military sailors, working harmoniously with other branches of the Armed Forces of the country, demonstrated the skilful use of advanced technology in protecting the security of maritime borders and generally ensuring the territorial integrity of the state and the peaceful life of the Turkmen people.
The Türkmen Edermen special purpose units of the security, defence and law-enforcement agencies, faithful to the military oath of defenders of the Motherland, consider it their main duty to justify the high trust of their people and the President of Turkmenistan.
In the military exercises that took place, soldiers of special forces groups demonstrated high battlecraft and skills. The coordinated actions they showed indicated that they made the necessary efforts to successfully complete the task assigned to them.
Thus, the Türkmen Edermen special purpose units carried out a reconnaissance operation, determined the location of enemy groups and identified targets with the help of drones.
Special forces units, driving modern vehicles, surrounded a building captured by the enemy and began a combat operation to constrain the actions of an illegal armed group.
In modern combat, Türkmen Edermen special purpose units perform an important combat mission in conducting military operations in urban environments and populated areas.
As a result of the joint military operations of special forces units of the security, defence and law-enforcement agencies, the illegal armed group suffered great damage.
To conduct a massive attack and to completely eliminate the forces of a mock enemy, helicopters were involved in the operation.
The assault group, supported by rotorcraft, descended from the roof of the building and began the attack from the upper window openings. Acting quickly, they skilfully used the tactics of firing, mutual fire cover and coordination of military operations.
The courage and dexterity of the military personnel, taking part in the demonstration exercises, and their coordinated actions in accordance with the statutory requirements indicated the determination of the soldiers in solving the assigned tasks.
Then modern aircraft of the Armed Forces began to carry out combat missions. Fighters entered the battle to provide air support to units.
Combat aircraft, carrying out an air attack, made a series of airstrikes and hit the mock enemy. This confirmed the effective use of modern methods and best practices by fighter crews. At the same time, this spoke of the patriotism of the defenders of the Motherland and their loyalty to duty. Military exercises showed a high level of professionalism of young soldiers.
At the end of the exercises, Turkmen paratroopers unfolded the sacred green Flag of the Motherland in the air, before which, bowing, they always take an oath and swear. The State Flag of Turkmenistan is the national treasure and pride of the Turkmen people, a symbol of the sovereignty, independence and neutrality of the Motherland.
Thus, the personnel of all units successfully completed the assigned task, which became a vivid confirmation of the high level of combat training and skills of the brave military personnel guarding the peace and stability of the Turkmen state.
The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the country’s Armed Forces expressed confidence that the military personnel, being an example of dedicated service to the Motherland, would continue to use their knowledge and skills for the successful implementation of the defensive Military Doctrine.
Then President Serdar Berdimuhamedov acquainted himself with various types of military equipment displayed at a special site of the training centre. Among the presented specimens were drones and other types of weapons.
As it is known, the constant focus of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the country’s Armed Forces is on the issues of modernising the material and technical base of the National Army and strengthening its power, creating conditions for the service and life of military personnel, training highly qualified servicemen and introducing advanced working methods and a digital system.
Valiant defenders of the Motherland, adequately responding to the care of the state, demonstrate mastery of the latest military equipment and weapons and a high level of combat training. It should be noted that the entire power of the country’s Armed Forces serves to ensure peace and tranquillity in Turkmenistan.
Noting that the key task currently facing the military personnel is the implementation of the provisions of the Military Doctrine of Turkmenistan, based on the principles of positive neutrality and having a purely defensive nature, and the ensuring of the protection of the peaceful life of the people, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov stressed the state would continue to take consistent measures aimed at strengthening the material and technical base of all combat arms.
Congratulating the servicemen on the successful conduct of the military exercises, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country, wished the soldiers and officers, who demonstrated a high level of combat training, every success in fulfilling an important and responsible mission – the protection of peace in their Motherland.
The defenders of the Motherland assured the Head of Turkmenistan that they would honourably fulfil the sacred duty of ensuring the peace and security of the state.
The heads of the security, defence and law-enforcement agencies expressed gratitude to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country for participating in the exercises.
Upon wishing those present every success in completing their tasks, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov left the venue.